This is many a homeowner’s nightmare: your thermostat is on and you can hear the quiet whoosh of your air conditioner running, but your home is as hot and stuffy as if you were running the heater! And, to add insult to injury, your home isn’t cool and you’re paying for the energy costs to keep your system running. What is a homeowner supposed to do? Here’s what you need to know about an air conditioner that doesn’t produce cold air: 

Things You Can Do

Try not to panic! There are a few things you can do that may help your air conditioner get with the program. These options may or may not help, but they’re options simple enough for pretty much any homeowner to do, even if you’re not a DIY-er. Before you call your local air conditioner repair team, give these steps a whirl: 

Check Your Thermostat

If your thermostat is set to “on” instead of “auto,” it means the blower will keep running constantly, without any breaks. If the A/C system isn’t actively on, your system may be blowing out room-temperature air, which makes it feel like your air conditioner isn’t working. Turn your system over to “auto” and see if that helps. If this helps, great! You can supplement with ceiling fans and stand fans to circulate air and keep it feeling cool around your home instead of running the A/C’s blower constantly. 

Check the Filter

Another common problem is a gunked-up filter. If your system’s filter is packed with dust and dirt, that makes it a lot more difficult for your A/C to push cold air throughout your home. Remove the dirty filter and replace it with a clean one. Dirty vents can also restrict airflow, so it may be worth it to call your local air conditioner repair team to clean everything — and bonus, everyone in the house will breathe a bit easier without that gunk being pushed into the air! 

Check Your Condenser

The condenser is the big, boxy portion of your A/C system outside of the house. If it gets filled with dirt and debris, it can’t effectively release heat, and your system will have to work that much harder to cool your home. Check the condenser, and if it’s dirty, you can do a basic cleaning on your own. Simply rinse it off with water from the hose, but make sure the stream is a gentle one or you could damage the fins that help the condenser work. Your local air conditioner repair team can also clean and repair your condenser, if that’s the root of the problem and it needs a deeper clean than a gentle rinse. 

When to Call for Air Conditioner Repair

If none of those issues help your air conditioner pump out cold air, odds are good that something is going on with the internal systems in your A/C. Whether it’s a refrigerant leak or a faulty fan, trust your local air conditioner repair team to get your A/C working again. 

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