The air quality in your home is a large factor in your quality of life. Investing in an air purifier will benefit your home and create a healthier and happier environment.

Whether you’ve already decided on one, or you’re just beginning your research for an air purifier, you should understand all the benefits that an air purifier can provide for your home. 

Cleaner Air

One of the most prominent benefits of an air purifier is the fact that it cleans your air. Air purifiers work to remove polluted air and process it through filters before sending healthy air back into your home. Cleaner air means fewer illnesses from airborne pathogens, like cold and flu bacteria, that’s filtered out from the air you’re breathing. This means spending less time nursing yourself back to health and more time enjoying your life!

Odor Elimination

Hate having bad smells in your home? Or worse yet, are you maybe nose blind to them? Odor elimination is another one of the fantastic air purifier benefits that you can’t ignore. Because the air purifier works to filter the air in your home, it also traps and filters out particles that can cause odors. Whether it’s garbage odors, pet odors, or moldy smells, you won’t have to spend tons of money on products that only mask the smell and only last for a little while.

With an air purifier, you’ll get more time to figure out if you’d like your home to have a signature scent like lavender or cinnamon wafting through the air instead of continually dealing with odor eliminating products!

Less Dust

Another one of the great benefits of an air purifier is the excellent dust control in your home. If you feel like you’re continually dusting and it just keeps coming back, then an air purifier might be just the thing you need to keep the dust down to a minimum.

Air purifiers filter out the dust particles floating in the air before they’re able to float around and land on your tables, shelves, and decorations. You can safely put down the duster and bring it out less often.

Ease Asthma Symptoms

Having an air purifier at home is an excellent option if you or someone in your household has asthma. Air pollution is a known asthma trigger. Those who suffer from asthma have a higher risk of breathing in air pollutants and particles, which will irritate their lungs and eventually trigger an asthmatic episode.

Air purifiers help significantly lower asthmatic episodes by filtering out air pollutants and small particles to ease breathing for those who have asthma. 

No More Pet Dander

If you’re a pet owner, then you’ll know that pet dander is an inevitable element that comes along with your furry friend.

This can cause problems for anyone in the house with pet allergies or when friends and family visit. It can be embarrassing to have people avoid visiting your home because of this allergy trigger. The good news is that you can achieve an excellent breathing environment for everyone with an air purifier. A whole-home air purifier’s purpose is to filter the air, and filtered out pet dander is just another benefit you’ll get in your home.

Say Goodbye to Seasonal Allergies

Runny and stuffed noses, itchy eyes, and sneezing can put a significant damper on enjoying spring and late summer weather. But there’s a way to keep that from happening. Air purifiers can give you the much-needed relief from seasonal allergies while you’re at home, by trapping those pesky allergen spores and pollen once it enters your house.

Although there’s not much that will help you when you’re outdoors except for an antihistamine, having a break from sneezing and itchy eyes at home and throughout the night seems well worth it. With an air purifier, you won’t have to struggle breathing through your nose anymore.

Eliminate Pollutants 

Smog and other air pollutants are common when you live in the city. Whether you’re in a house or an apartment, an air purifier can add to your city life and give you a breath of fresh air while you relax at home. What better reason do you need than not having to breathe in that smog and pollution while you’re at home?

Less Time & Money Replacing HVAC Filters

HVAC filters can be an expensive hassle to replace. The good news is that an air purifier can help you spend less money and time replacing your HVAC filter by keeping the air in your home cleaner.

Since an air purifier works as a filter, it is like the initial barrier before your HVAC system heats or cools your home. It will prevent your HVAC system from having to use its filter to trap any particles in the air, which will make your system run at less than optimal amounts.

You also won’t have a need for constant HVAC maintenance to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Better Sleep with Better Air Circulation

Your sleep affects everything from how you look to how you feel and everything in between. You would do everything you could to ensure that your sleep quality is the best it can be, wouldn’t you?

The air quality in your home and bedroom can be a contributing factor to poor sleep, and having clean air circulating in your bedroom can help lull you off to dreamland a lot quicker and more comfortably. Also, if you’re someone who wakes up with a congested nose every morning, you’ll find an air purifier that helps to eliminate that morning problem.

An air purifier will help you by cleaning up your air and providing you with that fresh, clean air circulating in your bedroom so you can breathe more comfortably with a restful night’s sleep.

It Can Help You Live Longer

Believe it or not, all the air purifier benefits listed above are significant contributors to an overall healthy environment at home. What does that mean for your life? Well, it can help you to live longer.

The increase in cleaner air and removing all the bacteria and other harmful particles keep you from getting sick and maintain your health from being negatively affected long-term. An air purifier is probably the best investment you can make, besides eating healthy and staying active, to help give you longevity in your life.

Ready to Invest in an Air Purifier for Your Home

With these amazing air purifier benefits, we’re sure you’ll be calling us up for an installation quote immediately to start reaping the rewards. Be sure to ask us about warranties and maintenance packages available if your system needs a tune-up. Contact Davis Heating & Cooling today!