1. Signs Your Furnace Is Beginning to Fail

    As homeowners, it would be great if we all had mind powers and could tell exactly what was going to go wrong with our homes and when. Although we aren’t able to see the future here at Davis Heating & Cooling, we’re pretty good at predicting it by understanding the warning signs of a failing …Read More

  2. Protecting Your Home From Carbon Monoxide

    Although everyone loves to think of their homes as a safe and comfortable place to be, that’s not necessarily always the case. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can reduce the safety of your home, some of which, you’ll never even know are happening. One “silent killer” in many ho…Read More

  3. Things To Do Around The Home Before The Holidays

    Whether you’re leaving home for the holidays to visit family or you’re sticking around, there are several things you should take into consideration before the holiday season is in full swing. If you’ve been a homeowner for some time, you’re probably well aware that issues tend to arise at th…Read More

  4. Thermostat Tips You Need To Know

    Whether your goal is to save money on your energy bills or you want to preserve the life of your heating and cooling systems, it’s never a bad idea to consider what role your thermostat is playing. Your thermostat is a powerful tool, so it’s important to make use of it to save as much money as p…Read More

  5. Is Your Heating Wasting Energy?

    In just about a month’s time, winter will be here and we’ll need to ensure that our homes are prepared for the holidays. Chances are, you’ve already started making plans with your family members and looking for ways to take as much time off work as possible so that you can enjoy your time with…Read More

  6. The Most Common Furnace Problems – Part 2

    Welcome back to our blog here at Davis Heating & Cooling. In our last blog, we took a look some of the most common furnace problems you may encounter this fall and winter. Although we are happy to work on your air conditioner or furnace any time of year, we like to focus on getting our clients…Read More

  7. The Most Common Furnace Problems

    Furnace season is officially upon us and the temperature is starting to cool down a bit here in Flemington. If you haven’t already fired up your heater this year, you’re probably wondering if it’s going to hold you over until spring. Here at Davis Heating & Cooling, we want to ensure that …Read More

  8. Furnace Season Is Almost Upon Us!

    It’s almost furnace season here in Flemington, New Jersey. Are you prepared? Davis Heating & Cooling is committed to all your HVAC needs and we’re prepared to help you start the fall off right with a working heating system. Having served the greater New Jersey area for over 30 years, we cons…Read More

  9. Is Your Home Air Safe?

    One of the worst things to find out as a homeowner is that the air within your home is not safe to breathe. It may come as a surprise, but the air we breathe in our homes is not always as clean as the air we breathe outside. However, this isn’t always the case. Homeowners who take the extra steps …Read More

  10. More Tips For Saving Money On Cooling

    Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Davis Heating & Cooling. If you’ve read our blogs before, you probably know that one thing we talk about a lot is how you can save money on your energy bills. We talk about this because it’s important, allowing you to live comfortably without havin…Read More