Ductless HVAC systems aren’t only extremely energy-efficient, but they have an advantage over regular duct systems for rooms that have issues heating and cooling. Unlike a regular HVAC system, ductless heating and cooling systems never shut off, but instead, they speed up and slow down depending on its needs.

Nearly 25 percent of energy is lost when the air is pushed through ducts of a normal HVAC system, costing the homeowner more and wasting energy in the process. A small unit attached to the wall with a small hole leading to the outside also helps to keep a home more sealed, preventing unwanted dirt and allergens from getting inside.

They’re the perfect system for any room addition or garage because they eliminate the need for ductwork. If the HVAC system in your home is old and the ducts need replacing, a ductless system could be a good solution. Call us today to find out more about ductless systems and if they are appropriate for your space.