Welcome back to our blog here at Davis Heating & Cooling. In our last blog, we took a look some of the most common furnace problems you may encounter this fall and winter. Although we are happy to work on your air conditioner or furnace any time of year, we like to focus on getting our clients’ furnaces fixed up in early fall so that by the time winter comes around, they won’t have to worry about it. To prepare you for any issues you may face, we’ve compiled a list of a few common problems you should keep an eye out for.

It’s Not Producing Heat

If your furnace turns on but isn’t producing any heat, you may be dealing with a circuit breaker issue. You should start by trying to diagnose the issue. Make sure your thermostat is set to “heat,” then move the dial up or down to the desired temperature. Place your hand over a vet to see if the air is warm. If not, go to the circuit breaker panel in your home and find the circuit that controls the furnace. Make sure it’s staying in the “on” position and try your furnace again.

Furnace Blower Issues

The job of the furnace blower is simply to take warm air from the furnace and move it throughout the home. If the furnace blower isn’t working, it either won’t produce warm air or prevent the air from being distributed throughout your home. In order to oil your furnace blower, start by going to the electrical panel and turning off the circuit breaker. Take off the access panel on the furnace. At the base of the furnace, you’ll see the blower motor assembly. Remove this and remove the motor from its housing. Place several drops on each of the ports and put everything back.

Bad Limit Switch

The limit switch is in charge of regulating the electrical circuit that controls your furnace and its moving parts. When a limit switch goes bad, the heating element will be shut off, but the blower will continue to run. It will only shut off if the limit switch closes or the system is reset. This can be extremely taxing on your HVAC system and lead to unnecessary energy costs. If this is occurring speak with an HVAC technician at Davis Heating & Cooling to have the limit switch replaced.

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If you haven’t yet read part one of this blog series, you can read it here. However, if you’re experiencing any of the issues listed above or any issue that isn’t mentioned here, don’t hesitate to contact Davis Heating & Cooling for a free consultation and cost estimate on heating repairs, maintenance, and full system replacements. All new heating and cooling equipment and systems installed by Davis Heating & Cooling are covered for the first year of operation by our Standard Davis Care™ plan. Speak with us today if you have any questions.