As the weather starts warming up, you’re undoubtedly going to start paying attention to something you haven’t worried about in months: your air conditioner. In an ideal world, you’d be able to simply flip your HVAC system from heat to cool and carry on about your day. Sadly, it’s not always that easy. Whether it’s the first time you’re running your A/C as temperatures heat up, or maybe you’ve been running it for a month, an air conditioner dying can be a major nuisance.  Unlike your car, your HVAC system doesn’t have a “check engine” light to warn you about trouble. Some signs can be surprisingly subtle! You’ll want to keep an eye out for:


Low Airflow

Your A/C should push out cool air just as well as your heater pushes out hot air. If it doesn’t, this is probably a good indicator that something is wrong, and you should be calling about A/C repair. If your system pushes out low levels of both hot and cold air, it could be a clog in your ductwork. In either case, a heating and air conditioning repair technician can diagnose whether the low airflow is due to a mechanical malfunction or because of ductwork issues.


Weird Noises

When your A/C is on, you can reasonably expect to hear a little noise — but we mean very slight, like a gentle whooshing sound. If you hear clanging, grinding, or squealing noises, even quiet ones, that’s a signal that something else is going on. Loud, unfamiliar noises are generally a signal of issues within the HVAC unit itself, so you’ll want to turn off your system until you can get a heating and air conditioning repair technician to take a look. These noises are often signs of mechanical malfunctions, so letting your system continue to run could mean more extensive (and expensive) damage.


Funky Smells

When you turn on your A/C each spring, do you get a strong smell of mustiness? This may be a sign that you’ve got mold or mildew growing in your ductwork — something fairly common since the Flemington area has as much humidity as we do. If you smell other odd odors, though — especially burnt smells — this might be a signal that you’ve got burnt-out wire insulation. Either way, HVAC repair can help you get to the root cause of the smell and make sure it isn’t a system malfunction.



A bit of condensation is pretty common, especially on really hot, humid days. But if you’ve got a puddle growing around your A/C unit (inside or outside), that’s a sign of issues. The most common issues are a refrigerant leak or a leak in the condensate line. Either way, you’ll need to have the problem repaired quickly if you want to keep enjoying cool air.

If you get the sense that something is going wrong with your A/C, don’t wait to call about A/C repair — it’s not magically going to get better! Even if you just have questions about whether you need heating and air conditioning repair, start by calling Davis Heating and Cooling here in Flemington!