Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Davis Heating & Cooling. If you’ve read our blogs before, you probably know that one thing we talk about a lot is how you can save money on your energy bills. We talk about this because it’s important, allowing you to live comfortably without having to break the bank. So, we’re going to keep you updated as we come up with new ways to lower your energy bills. As always, if you’re looking for last minute AC repairs or you’re ready to start preparing your furnace for fall, don’t hesitate to call Davis Heating & Cooling, we’re always ready to help.

Avoid Using Your Stove

Although we wouldn’t recommend eating out all the time, summer may be the perfect time to avoid cooking inside. Using your stove or oven often will only heat up your home, causing you to reach for the thermostat. And anyone who’s cooked a nice homemade meal before knows how much of a workout it can be, making you even more inclined to turn your AC up to full blast. If you cook your meals outside on a grill, you won’t need to turn the AC on and you’ll get to enjoy the great outdoors. Who could complain about that?

Seal Ductwork

Having ductwork sealed prevents conditioned air from leaking into unconditioned areas where it’s not needed and it also allows more air to go to the area where it is needed. Another way to look at it is if you have an 80 percent efficiency furnace that has 10 percent duct leakage means your furnace has the equivalent of a 70 percent efficiency furnace.

Insulate Ductwork

Insulating the ductwork in the basement keeps the cold and hot air from radiating into this space. This won’t save you a huge amount of money right away, but after a few months, you’ll start to see big returns on your investment.

Add An Attic Tent

An attic tent is a form of insulation for the pull-down stairs that lead to your attic. Many homeowners will take care to ensure all their windows have good weatherstripping, but often forget that they could be losing heat to their attic as well. There are several types of attic tents and covers, so be sure to find one that works best for you.

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Your furnace, air conditioner and water heater make up over 50 percent of your home’s energy use, taking these steps to increase your home’s energy efficiency will cut costs while allowing you to live comfortably. Stay tuned to our blogs for more helpful tips on energy efficiency, as well as maintaining your air conditioner and furnace. If you need last minute air conditioner repairs or you’re ready to start preparing your furnace for fall, don’t hesitate to give Davis Heating & Cooling a call.