Summer is already well underway here in Flemington and you know what that means — it’s time to escape the heat. If you’ve been spending your summer in New Jersey, you know that we are currently under an “excessive heat warning” according to the National Weather Service.

Heat warnings like this are put into place for the safety of the community. Due to the overwhelming heat, there is a higher potential for heat-related illness like heat exhaustion and stroke. Many homeowners will retreat to their homes and crank their air conditioning all the way up, while others will avoid using air conditioning to keep energy bills low. At Davis Heating & Cooling, we understand the need for people to avoid high energy bills, but we also want to ensure that nobody endures heat-related illness, especially during times like these. Keep reading to learn about keeping costs low while staying cool this summer.

Reverse Your Fan

If you have a ceiling fan like most homeowners, you probably crank them up to full speed during the summer in order to get as much of a breeze as you possibly can. However, many homeowners don’t realize that most fans can actually turn both directions. Turning counterclockwise will cause air to be pushed downward, providing a nice cool breeze in the summer. Whereas, in the winter, fans should turn clockwise in order to push warm air close to the ceiling towards the ground. However, fans won’t do this automatically, so you’ll have to grab a ladder, turn off the fan, and flick the switch on the side of the fan that will change the direction it spins.

Keep in mind that you don’t need your fan on the max speed in order to get the benefits from it. Just keeping it on low is enough to circulate the air and cool you off.

Close Your Blinds

It’s great having some sunshine in the house, but if that comes at the expense of high heating bills, most people would argue it’s not worth it. Many people don’t realize this is a problem because they typically get up early for work when it’s dark and don’t come back until later at night. If you get home from work and your home is sweltering hot, this is most likely the reason why. Try shutting the blinds before you go to work. Once you get home, wait until the sun starts going down, then open them again. Window blinds will still let in quite a bit of sunlight so it may be worth it to reverse them.

Contact Davis Heating & Cooling

These are just several of the ways you can stay cool this summer while saving money on your energy bills. Although we only have to endure sweltering hot temperatures for several months a year here in Flemington, it’s absolutely imperative that your cooling system is ready to take the heat (pun intended!). Contact Davis Heating & Cooling today for AC repairs, replacement, or maintenance.

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