With summer rapidly approaching, air conditioning worries are at the forefront of many minds. The warm weather is nice, but it’s even better to have a cool escape when the heat becomes too much! But when your A/C isn’t enough to cool your home, it’s time to do some assessing. In past blogs, we’ve talked about signs that your A/C needs repairs, but sometimes it’s not actually your air conditioner’s fault! If your system is newer and in good repair, there could be something else affecting your home’s temperature. Here are some concerns that may be impacting your A/C’s (and heater’s) ability to do its job:



Older and poorly installed windows are two of the biggest factors for any home that can’t quite get cool enough. Modern windows are typically double-paned, which provides extra insulation. Older windows are more commonly single-paned; in addition, time and the house settling can affect how complete the frames seal around the window. These are prime opportunities for your lovely, air-conditioned air to leak out. If your windows are older and don’t seal well, your air conditioning unit has to work that much harder to cool your home. On top of a house that never quite cools down, that also means more energy consumption and higher bills. Replacing your windows or having them re-framed can go a long way toward saving you money in the long term.



If your home isn’t well insulated, that could be costing you a lot in comfort and in energy bills. Unlike with your windows, it’s harder to tell if your insulation is the reason behind your home’s inability to fully get cool. If your windows are at fault, you’ll likely feel the drafty difference in temperature around each window. With your insulation, one of the biggest signs that it’s bad is a skyrocketing energy bill. You can also walk through your home seeking drafts or signs that critters have gotten into your walls. Also, go around feeling your interior walls; if a wall feels warm when it should be cool inside (or vice versa), or if your walls feel damp, this could be additional hints that your insulation is bad.



Your roof is a major source of insulation for your entire home. If it gets damaged, that can have a major impact on how well or poorly your home retains the cool air your A/C is pumping out. If something is wrong with your roof, you’ll probably be able to notice damaged or missing shingles on the outside. You may also see water stains or paint bubbling on the inside if the damage has led to leaks.

If your home never seems to get cool enough during the summer, or warm enough during winter, walk around your home with a careful eye for any of these signs. You can also start with an assessment from your local HVAC contractors to get a better idea of what’s happening. For experienced, professional HVAC contractors in Flemington, and around central New Jersey, connect with Davis Heating and Cooling today.