Helping us after Hurricane Sandy

Karen and Tom Davis of Davis Heating and Cooling in Flemington, NJ, went over and above in helping us after Hurricane Sandy. We use them commercially for our Store in Flemington, and have been very satisfied. We purchased a HVAC system for a shore home from Davis and were halfway through installation when Hurricane Sandy hit. Karen was immediately on the phone with us, not only offering to store our units for us until we recovered, but also offering her and Tom’s personal assistance in anything we or any of our neighbors needed. Months after the storm Davis sent a team of extremely talented and competent technicians to complete the installation. Character is huge for us when establishing long-term relationships with vendors both commercially and residentially, and it gives us great peace of mind to have concrete first-hand experience of the quality Davis Heating and Cooling can provide. Karen and Tom Davis have proven themselves not just as a service provider but as admirable human beings which we now call friends. Thank You!