While your heating and cooling systems are made to work for years/decades, hiccups and issues can occasionally crop up. This is especially true for any system that doesn’t get serviced at least once a year, as the manufacturers recommend. If an HVAC issue pops up, it can feel stressful. But don’t worry, that’s what our experienced HVAC team is here for!

Davis Heating and Cooling offers our virtual estimate option so we can try to understand what may be going wrong with your HVAC system before we send a technician to your New Jersey home. Use the instructions below to take pictures of your air conditioner, furnace, and a few other elements. We’ll use those details to get a better understanding of the age and parts that comprise your HVAC system. From there, we may need to get a bit more information from you, but once we have the basics, we can give you an estimate of cost — all without sending out an HVAC technician. This is also great because it helps our technicians prepare before coming, so we can provide faster, better HVAC servicing. So what are you waiting for? Drop us a line for a free virtual estimate!


If you have questions about the process below, please give us a call