Replacing thermostat

When You Should Replace the Thermostat

Signs You Need to Replace the Thermostat

Many homeowners might forget about their thermostats – until they malfunction. When that happens, it needs to be replaced quickly. Without a functioning thermostat, air conditioners and heaters cannot work properly.

To prevent an uncomfortable house, property owners need to recognize signs indicating they need a thermostat replacement. This can include higher utility bills, incorrect temperature readings, and a short cycling system.

Homeowner overlooked higher energy billsHigher Energy Bills

When homeowners notice high energy bills each month, they might overlook the real reason for the increase. While it can be common to blame the HVAC system, it can be due to a broken thermostat. If the unit starts to fail, it can prevent the AC unit or the heating system from running properly, cause it to overwork, and use more energy than normal.

This can cause an increase in energy usage by:

  • Not reading the temperature correctly, therefore not signaling to the AC system or heater properly
  • Preventing the units from turning off by getting stuck in the “on” position
  • Not adjusting to the temperature in the room quickly, leaving households uncomfortable and causing them to adjust the temperature unnecessarily
  • Not following the programmed settings on a smart thermostat and letting the HVAC units run when they are not supposed to

Incorrect Temperature Readings

Homeowners need to be aware of other broken thermostat symptoms if they start to display the wrong temperature. To ensure it’s reading the temperature of the room correctly, it’s essential for households to check the displayed temperature often and check if the following are present:

  • If there are differences between the displayed temperature and the actual room temperature
  • If the AC unit is running, but the temperature on the thermostat isn’t changing
  • If there are sudden temperature changes in a home
  • If the air conditioner or heater starts to short-cycle
  • If the devices’ screen or buttons are not working correctly

Short Cycling

If homeowners start to notice their HVAC system turns on and off suddenly, without reaching the desired temperature on the thermostat, it can indicate the thermostat needs to be replaced. This issue – called short cycling – can be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat due to:

  • Failing sensors that cannot correctly detect the temperature. When this happens, they cannot alert the heater or air conditioner to turn on or off correctly.
  • Wiring issues that lead to a disconnect between the thermostat and the system.
  • Broken components in the thermostat that prevent it from controlling the cycles.
  • Dirt or debris that interferes with the unit’s ability to function correctly.

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