Air Cleaners, Purifiers, & Whole-Home Air Filtration in Flemington, NJ

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Air cleaners, purifiers, & whole-home air filtration help create a healthier environment in your home or business in Flemington, NJ.

An air filtration system is a good investment for homeowners and business owners. These effective units filter out pollutants and allergens, making the air that you breathe cleaner and healthier. It not only smells better but contains far fewer pathogens and other contaminants with the right filtration system.

At Davis Heating & Cooling, we specialize in whole-house systems. While these are more expensive than portable systems initially, they provide more powerful protection. With such systems, you can move about the building confident that the air is clean and healthy.

Whole-Home Air Filtration System Installation in Hunterdon County

Why install a whole-house cleaner? Here are a few reasons:

  • Reduce the number of allergens
  • Improve the air quality for people with respiratory ailments and asthma
  • Lower the humidity levels in the building
  • Reduce the chance of a stale or foul-smelling atmosphere inside
  • Clear out cigarette smoke
  • Filter out and destroy many disease-causing pathogens

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Air Purifier Repair in Central New Jersey

Air cleaners, purifiers, & whole-home air filtration units seem deceptively simple. However, they contain sensitive equipment and complex operations, so they require professional attention when they malfunction. At Davis Heating & Cooling, we recommend that property owners stick to changing the filters and leaving the rest of the repairs to us.

Air purifiers use special filters to draw out allergens and keep your air clean. Depending on the system, air purifiers can use different types of filters, such as:

  • Ionic: These purify the air by generating negative ions that attract the positive ions from allergens and dust particles. These are among the simplest and most affordable units, and they excel at a smoke reduction.
  • HEPA: These filters were originally created to filter out radioactive dust. Today, they are a highly effective way to filter out over 99% of dust mites and their debris, bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen, and pet dander.
  • UV: Ultraviolet light air filters kill off pathogens, so they are highly effective in medical facilities in preventing the spread of disease.
  • Carbon: Carbon filters are the most absorbent and soak up bad smells and noxious gases.

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Air Cleaner Maintenance in Flemington, NJ

To keep your air cleaner running efficiently year-round, we recommend scheduling annual maintenance. However, you should check the manufacturer’s recommendations as to the maintenance requirements for air cleaners, purifiers, & whole home air filtration systems.

Air cleaner maintenance typically includes the following steps:

  • Vacuum away the dust from the exterior panels and grills.
  • Change out the filters at least every three to six months.
  • Switch the UV bulbs.

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