Financing Options

When you need reliable heating and cooling services in Flemington, NJ, you need Davis Heating & Cooling. Call today!

Your heating or cooling system can fail when you least expect it and usually when you have no budget for repairs or replacement. When that happens, our Davis Heating & Cooling team is here to help.

We aim to ensure your home or workplace stays comfortable throughout the year. So we take the stress out of the unexpected heating and cooling expenses by offering flexible financing options. Our financing program allows you to take care of unbudgeted HVAC installation, repair, or replacement right away.

Our Financing Programs

We work with three different lenders, so you can find the best program that suits your current needs.

This licensed sales finance company and an accredited FHA Title I Lender provides over 50 financing solutions, including promotional and standard installment terms.

Service Finance’s financing solutions aim to provide its partner contractors with the flexibility they need to offer property owners the ability to finance their heating and cooling services and other home improvements.

Once approved, you’ll access affordable payment plans for any service you need. With over 20 years of experience providing heating and cooling services in Flemington, NJ, you can trust our friendly and reliable professionals to be there for you when you need us most.

Why HVAC Financing Is a Good Idea

Whether you are purchasing a heater or air conditioner for a newly-constructed home or want to upgrade your old unit with a more efficient model, it’s critical to consider how to pay for it. Many homeowners and businesses in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, prefer financing options for various reasons.

Better Payment Flexibility

Purchasing a heating or cooling system can severely dent your monthly budget. On the other hand, financing allows you to pay off an HVAC unit in multiple installments. This payment flexibility helps you stick to your budget and afford a new unit that you otherwise might have been unable to initially. Some financing companies even help you create a payment plan personalized to your unique financial goals.

Ability to Acquire the Most Advanced System

When purchasing a new HVAC system with cash upfront, you may limit your options. You might not have sufficient funds to purchase the highest quality and most energy-efficient system on cash terms. With financing, you can afford a higher-priced system with the best energy efficiency and long-term cost savings.

Opportunity to Build Your Credit

Buying a heater or air conditioner with cash won’t help you improve your credit. On the other hand, financing your system allows you to improve your credit score and show financiers you have a history of repaying loans.

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