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Bridgewater, NJ AC Services - Davis Heating & Cooling

Summer days mean plenty of sun and fun. At the end of the day, however, you need to retreat to a cool refuge to recharge.

Having your air conditioner break down makes it difficult to concentrate, work, or sleep. That’s why you need a reliable AC contractor you can call at a moment’s notice.

Our team at Davis Heating & Cooling is here to fill that role. We offer upfront pricing, expert factory-trained technicians, cutting-edge equipment, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our licensed and insured team offers efficient services in Bridgewater, NJ, from a basic AC tune-up and air conditioner repair to complete air conditioning installation or replacement.

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AC Installs & Replacements Within Central New Jersey

At Davis Heating & Cooling, our team works with leading brands to offer the best choice for new installations or replacements. If we feel that central AC repair is merely a stopgap measure, we may recommend an AC replacement. We are likely to do this if your current unit is:

  • More than 15 years old.
  • Becoming so inefficient is increasing your utility bills.
  • No longer able to reach or maintain the desired temperature.
  • Requires ongoing repairs or a very expensive one.
  • Leaking in several places.

AC Repair Service in Somerset County

Do you need central AC repair, or is there something wrong with your ductless system? Our AC service can handle either condition. A common issue is a low refrigerant level, so call our Bridgewater, NJ, cooling services if you notice:

  • The air is not as cool as it should be, even though the blower seems to be working.
  • That your system seems unable to reach the desired temperature or maintain it.
  • Frost developing on any of the coils, tubes, or components.

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Ductless Mini-Split Services in Central New Jersey

Rising energy bills and shrinking homes are making central AC systems less desirable. Many property owners are opting for ductless systems because they provide the following advantages:

  • Reduce utility bills: It is difficult to argue with energy savings when it comes to ductless systems. By cooling on the smaller areas you use, you save a substantial amount.
  • Zoned cooling: Where ductless systems truly excel is in providing individual comfort. You may set each zone to a different temperature if you like.
  • Simple to install: Another advantage is how quick and easy these systems are to install. Forget messy construction that can take weeks; you can cool down within a few hours here.
  • Small: Our homes are becoming smaller out of necessity. We need solutions that can take advantage of vertical space without crowding the room. Ductless systems fit the bill.

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