Experienced, Professional HVAC Services

Summer warmth is great for getting outside and enjoying some fun under the sun — but who can really enjoy our roasting, muggy New Jersey summers without some source of relief? If you really want to be able to embrace that “sun’s out, guns out” attitude all summer, the answer is a stellar HVAC system at home to provide you with the relief you need when the heat gets to be too much. 

What many homeowners don’t realize is that your air conditioner or furnace may be struggling to function, even if you don’t hear weird noises. If it seems like your home never quite cools down during the summer, or never quite warms up during the winter, the problem is probably something to do with your HVAC system. Here at Davis Heating & Cooling of Flemington, we’re here to help you figure out what is going wrong and to get it repaired so you can enjoy the comforts of home the way you want. 

Serving the Flemington area, we have provided expert-level HVAC repair and service for decades. Specializing in residential climate control systems, we offer superior service at a fair rate.

Furnace and Air Conditioning Repair

Whether your current system needs servicing or the furnace or air conditioning system needs to be replaced, Davis Heating and Cooling is ready to assist. Our team of expert technicians is knowledgeable and able to quickly diagnose the problem, offering an affordable, long-term resolution.
We are committed to getting you back to living in comfort, especially if the first cold spell or hot and humid day has set in. If you notice any indications or warning signs of an issue with your HVAC system call us as soon as you can. We aim to be proactive with our services so that emergencies — and a whole lot of stress — can be avoided.

Furnace and Air Conditioning Installations

Offering only those HVAC brands that promise years of reliability and efficiency, we provide affordable installation of both furnace and AC units. Supporting efforts to be eco-friendly, we also offer a variety of units that can be altered to run off solar energy.
If your system is outdated, you could be losing money and wasting precious energy. Consider replacing your furnace or air conditioning and enjoy the savings. We promise fast and reliable service with all installations. Call now to find out if replacement is your best choice.

Signs Your HVAC System Is Struggling

When your air conditioner starts making weird noises, or your furnace is putting out some strange smells, it can be pretty obvious that something is wrong. But not all of the warning signs for HVAC issues are that clear. If you’re concerned that your A/C or heater aren’t working properly, here are some things to look for: 

Weird Noises

Your HVAC system is made to function as a seamless system. If you hear noises coming from the A/C unit or your furnace, this is a pretty clear signal that something is up. If you hear clanking, grinding, or squeaking, it’s time to call an HVAC technician. 

However, if all you hear is a very light whooshing or blowing sound, this is probably just your system pushing the heated or cooled air through your home. Unless there are other signs of worry, you probably don’t need to call for help at this point. 

Strange Odors

You shouldn’t smell your heater or your air conditioner. So, if you smell something funky, it could be a few different things: 

  • If you smell something musty when you turn your furnace or A/C on for the first time at the start of summer or winter, this isn’t necessarily a bad sign. A musty smell, or even a slight scent of burning can be totally normal and should disappear within 24 hours. If you still smell it after that point, call your local HVAC technician. 
  • If you smell rotten eggs, this is more worrisome because you may be smelling a gas leak. Natural gas doesn’t have any odor normally, so providers add that sulfuric odor to make it noticeable. If you smell a rotten egg or sulfuric smell coming from your vents, turn off your HVAC system, open some windows to let the gas dissipate, and call your HVAC company for immediate help. Do not try to fiddle with your HVAC system on your own. 
  • If you smell a burning smell, this may be problematic. As we mentioned above, smelling a slight or mild burning smell the first time you switch on a system is normal. If you keep smelling it, or if the burning smell starts up after your system has already been running, this is a sign of something going wrong in the mechanics of your system. Turn it off and call your local HVAC company for help. 

Unexpected Leaks

You know how a water glass will collect condensation on the outside of the glass on a hot day? You may think that the same thing happens to your air conditioner, so a bit of leaking is totally normal. However, that’s not the case! Your HVAC system is designed to capture that moisture and handle it, so if you’re seeing leaks around the unit or around vents, that’s a pretty good sign that something has gone wrong. If you see moisture dripping or a small puddle outside of your HVAC unit, turn off your system and check it. If there is water collecting inside, you’ll want to call and have an HVAC technician come check it out. 

Temperature Variances

A well-designed and properly installed HVAC system is designed to keep your home at a constant temperature. If you notice that it your home gets hotter and cooler throughout the day, this is a pretty good signal that it’s struggling to adjust as external temperatures impact your home. It could mean that your HVAC system is getting older, and is less efficient than it used to be. However, if your system is newer, this could point to signs that something else is going wrong. Your system may just need a tune-up, or it could be an early warning that something needs repair work. An inspection can help determine what’s going on.

High Energy Bills

When your HVAC system can get your home to the desired temperature, a properly operating system doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to maintain that temperature. If you notice that your energy bill has been getting more expensive, this could be a sign that something is wrong with your HVAC. If your energy company offers comparisons to your neighbors, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on how your energy consumption stacks up — though this isn’t as clear a means of tracking as watching your home’s usage over time. If you notice your energy bill go up and continue to stay high, especially through the summer or winter months, it’s worth having your HVAC system checked to make sure everything is working as it should. Of course, your home’s insulation, windows, and doors can also impact how hard your HVAC system has to work, so it’s worth looking into those areas as well. 

Your Unit’s Age

As much as you might wish your furnace and A/C unit would last forever, it will eventually wear out. Regular tune-ups each spring and fall will help prepare each system to start running again — and generally help your system last as long as possible without issues. However, if you’ve noticed any of the above signs, you’ll also want to look at the age of your system. You can reasonably expect your furnace to last 15–20 years if it’s well maintained, and your air conditioning unit to last 10–15 years. If the system wasn’t well maintained, the life expectancy is even shorter than that. If you notice that your A/C or furnace isn’t working well and it’s older, it may be reaching the end of its lifespan. Yes, even without showing any of the other issues.  

The Importance of A/C and Furnace Tune-Ups

Do you want your HVAC system to last as long as possible? Sure, we all do! Well, when your HVAC technician tells you it’s time for a system tune-up, it’s not because we need more work. Think of it this way: you get regular oil changes to make sure your vehicle’s engine keeps operating smoothly. It’s essentially the same with annual tune-ups. 

It’s recommended that you schedule two tune-ups a year, at least. One for your air conditioner, and one for your furnace. You can do them both at the same time, but since one of the two systems will go for a few months without use, that portion of the tune-up is less effective. Ideally, you should schedule an A/C tune-up for shortly before you turn it on for the first time during the spring. Likewise, you will want to schedule a furnace tune-up for before you kick on your heater for the first time each fall. 

What happens during a tune-up?

Three main things will happen during a tune-up: inspection, cleaning, and servicing. First, we’ll check over the relevant equipment to look for signs of wear and tear, and to hopefully spot any potential issues before they can damage your system. When it comes to your air conditioner, the HVAC tech will also check refrigerant levels. Next, we’ll clean your system. You should change your filters regularly to keep things cleaner for you and your HVAC system. During a tune-up, we will go in and do a more intensive cleaning to keep everything running smoothly. And finally, we’ll service your A/C or furnace. This can include replacing parts that show wear, as well as any other bigger maintenance that is needed. The process is designed to help catch problems when they’re still small (and generally less expensive), and to keep your HVAC system running smoothly for years to come. 


Looking For Air Purification?

If someone in your home has allergies or other respiratory concerns, your home’s air quality can be a major factor. Regular duct cleanings can help reduce the amount of allergens that get pumped through your HVAC system, but in many cases, that’s not enough. An air purification system can help make breathing easier for those with respiratory issues or allergies. It’s also a great way to cut down on the bacteria that can linger in the air. An air purification system can cut down on up to 95% of the particles in the air, making it easier to breathe, and reducing the gunk that can cause illness and discomfort. Talk to your HVAC technician to get more information on how it works and how this can be added to your existing system. 

All-Around HVAC Services

Here at Davis Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves on providing experienced, quality service every time. We are more than happy to answer questions you have about everything from system efficiency tips to explaining why your furnace is making that weird noise. During our house call, we can walk you through what we’re doing and how to care for your system in between tune-ups, all so you can get the best productivity from your unit as possible. Connect with our Flemington team today to get answers to any questions you have, and schedule service today!