Avoid High Cooling Costs With These Tips

Trim Energy Bills This Summer With Pro Advice

For many people in New Jersey, summer is the best time of year. They endure long winters and wet springs for the right to host parties, go to the beach, and enjoy the sun in the summer. However, while homeowners might enjoy the heat outside, they want to be cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, running their air conditioning system to stay cool can result in high energy bills.

To help residents avoid high utility costs, AC contractors have tips to reduce these expenses. Their advice includes installing a programmable thermostat, adding weatherstripping to windows and doors, and using ceiling fans.

Programmable and Smart Thermostats

While homeowners need to keep their homes cool in the summer, they also need better control over their indoor climate. Wifi thermostats can help.

These units allow homeowners to set zoned cooling, adjust the temperature of their house as needed, and adjust the thermostat from the convenience of their mobile device (even when on vacation).

Programmable thermostats allow property owners to set zoned cooling to avoid keeping infrequently used rooms at an ideal temperature. Doing this can result in wasted energy and can cause utility bills to increase. Instead, they can use the smart thermostat to focus on the most used rooms in their homes.

As smart devices, they can also be controlled by an app on homeowners’ mobile devices. This means families can save money on their energy bill while turning the thermostat up a few degrees when no one is home and then adjust the temperature to make it cooler before they return from vacation.

These digital devices also let homeowners prevent the temperature in their house from getting too hot and then needing to overwork to get it back down to a comfortable temperature later. Needing to cool a house off can use a lot of energy and can result in higher utility bills.

When property owners need to replace their nonprogrammable thermostats with digital devices, they should call an AC technician to schedule services.


For homeowners with older homes – or just drafty houses – there can be cooled air escaping through cracks near doors and windows and hot air seeping in.

This can cause the temperature inside homes to rise, even when the air conditioner is running. Air conditioners must work harder to get the house back to the ideal temperature, resulting in higher temperatures.

This can be avoided by installing weatherstripping around their windows, doors, or other places with a draft.

Use the AC Less and Fans More

One of the easiest ways for homeowners to save money on cooling costs is to use their ceiling fans more and their air conditioners less.

While running the AC system can quickly cool a home, it also uses much energy. Ceiling fans can help cool rooms by circulating the air, and they use a lot less energy. Pros recommend setting the ceiling fan direction counterclockwise when using ceiling fans in the summer months for more effective cooling.

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