Avoid a Scare from a Broken Heater This Halloween

When To Schedule Heater Repairs

Halloween not only represents a fun holiday but can also signal the arrival of cold weather and reliance on a heating system to keep homes comfortable. If the heater malfunctions, it can be scary for homeowners as they are left to endure a chilly house and the threat of a malfunctioning system.

Property owners can prevent these frightening scenarios by scheduling heating repairs if their heater stops warming their house, if it starts to make odd sounds, and if energy bills are increasing.

Reasons Your Home Isn’t Heating to the Correct Temperature

If homeowners start to dress in layers to stay warm in their house, it can signal their heater is not properly working. If the house isn’t heating to the temperature setting on the thermostat, it can be due to numerous issues, including:

  • A broken thermostat due to a problem with the wiring, batteries, or other problems
  • A dirty or clogged filter, which can prevent air from properly flowing through the filters
  • A blocked vent or register, which prevents air from flowing into a house
  • A malfunctioning pilot light in a gas system, which prevents the unit from turning on
  • A wrong-sized heater that does not properly heating the house
  • A dirty or improperly maintained system

soundsStrange Sounds Coming From Your Heater?

Halloween can bring in a lot of odd and scary sounds – from boos to howls. But when the strange sounds come from the heater, it can quickly frighten a homeowner.

Certain sounds can indicate a problem with a heater. Banging or clanging can mean the heater has loose or damaged parts. Another sound that can signal loose components is rattling.

Squealing or screeching sounds can indicate a broken blower motor or wheel. If there is a grinding sound, it can signal a damaged motor or a broken component.

If a homeowner hears hissing or whistling, it can indicate a leak in the ductwork. A clicking or ticking sound can signal a problem with the thermostat or the control system.

When homeowners hear these noises, they should schedule heating system repairs to have a professional determine the cause of the sounds and make the needed repairs.

electric billWhy Your Utility Bills Are Rising

There are many terrifying aspects of cold weather, including increasing utility bills. But if a homeowner notices his or her energy bills suddenly spiking, it can indicate there’s a problem with the heater that causes it to use more energy than necessary, and a homeowner may need heater repair services.

Numerous issues with a heater can result in higher-than-usual energy bills. For one, if it is old and aging, it can operate inefficiently and use more energy than is necessary. It can also overwork if it has dirty or clogged filters or leaking ductwork – allowing warm air to escape.

A malfunctioning thermostat can also cause heaters to use more energy than is necessary. If it’s not working, the programming settings might not be followed, and the heater can run longer than usual.

Having a heating contractor make the needed repairs can fix the issues and allow the utility bills to return to their usual levels, allowing homeowners to save money.

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